"Kaj-ra-re"- The song and its interpretaion by a Salesman !!!

“Kaj-ra-re” from the movie “Bunty aur Babli” has become a pseudo national anthem in past few months, and like all of us, I am also bugged by that song.

Being a Salesman, my interpretation of this song is going to be in terms of a Salesman only, so here it is, I don’t know how you will like that, but then………..You know what I will say !!!!

So these are the thoughts that come to the mind of a Salesman when he is listening to this song, or when some certain things happen to him, that’s how he relates to them to this song…

1.) When the boss is staring at him for obvious reasons-: “Mera chai-wain sab ujdaa, jaalim najar hata ley……”

2.) When there is infiltration from the other territory and that’s eating into his sale-: “Barbaad ho rahey hain tere apne shehar waaley………”

3.) When the boss asks for the target, area-wise, salesman-wise, model-wise, sku-wise-: “Surmey se likhey tere vaadey, aankho ki jabani aate hain……..”

4.) When there is acute shortage of a sku and there is huge demand for that, and he is waiting for the material to be available with folded hands-: “Aaja tootey na, tootey na angdaayi, ho meri angadaayi na tootey tu aa jaa……”

5.) When the Boss asks for the reason for numbers not happening-: “Aankhein bhi kamal karti hain, personal se sawaal karti hain……”

6.) When a top honcho comes from HO on the field visit, the salesman remembers his meeting with the top honcho at the HO, (quite a many companies have their HO at Delhi, out of the 4 companies that I have worked, 2 had their HO in Delhi)-: “Tujhse milna puraani Delhi mein, chhor aaye nishaani Delhi mein…..”

7.) When the boss is out of town, and calls to ask regarding the progress of the number-: “ Kaali kamli waaley tohey yaad karke, tere kaale-kaale naino ki kasam khaate hain……….”

Howsthatt !!!!


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