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Height of Revenge I


Height of Revenge II

Any name for this bank????

Height of Revenge III

Now you come to know that how and why shit falls from the sky???

Think it over - I


Think it over - II


Think it over- III


Tears in heaven ! ! !


Mr.Bindra, I terribly miss your chooran!!!

Bindra would be offended if he ever gets to read my blog, I dont think that he would be ever comfortable with the Mr. tag. Bindra was his name and thats how all of us and the rest of the world knew him.

All my eleven years at KV No.1, GCF, Jabalpur, he was the permanent figure, every morning and every afternoon.
He was our goodies man.

Bindra was a hawker with a big handcart ( with rooftop canopy), who would stand outside the main gate, everyday to sell his goodies. I dont recollect too many occasions in these eleven years, when he was found missing,outside the gate.
He would be there in the morning before the assembly begins,would go back to his abode,come back when the 5th period would be in progress for the lunchtime business,would again go back after lunch and would come back in the 9th period for the afternoon business.

He lived somewhere nearby only and I recollect seeing his house with the cart outside on one of my bicycle recee missions(Would write about it sometime later). But he …

My home ! ! !

Dad got the possession of the flat which he bought about a year and a half ago. We did the Pooja day before yesterday as per the tradional rights.

I was not there when that place was selected , so the first time when I went to see the placed, I was a bit apprehensive that how the place would be, since its one of the biggest thing for a middle-class family to purchase their own house…..

I liked the place and the surroundings on the face-value itself. Its surrounded by open place with farm land around it ( I don’t know till what time it would be there, but as of now it looks good). And yes, the Mula river can also be seen from the huge balcony(though its not a pleasant sight when you venture near, but it looks decent from the flat).

Its so different from a flat in Mumbai where I live, its so soothing and calm, from the daily hustle-bustle and madness. I guess it’s the best place to live, when you are tired and just want to re-cap your energies.

We all know that its not easy to adjust to a n…

A tale of two cities !!!

For most of the people it’s a week-end get-away. All those persons who want to get away from the mad-rush of Bombay , they come down to Pune to have some peace of mind, and every time I come here , I come to realize the reason behind that .

As soon as you come down to Pune from Mumbai, the change itself is very evident. The first thing which strikes you is that there are so many less number of people you see , all around…. And everything is so laid back and easy compared to Mumbai. You wont see to many people running here and there , helter and skelter.

That itself gives you so much peace of mind that you tend to forget half of your worries of Mumbai ie!! Now that will sound strange, worries are generally people centric, rather than city-centric, when it comes to your personal problems….
But guess, Mumbai is different, and what I meant can be experienced only, as however I try to explain in words I wont be able to do a good job.

For last 2 days that I am here in Pune, I am at so peace wit…

Can there be a better bed?


I met my God, Bryan Adams !!!

So I finally met my God on Saturday evening. And boy, Am I happy??? I am ecstatic!!!!

Thanks to Josh, we reached the venue a bit late. The que was already so long by then and people were just coming and coming. Well, waiting stuff was not too boring there, as you got to watch lot many good and sexy gals, wished have been earlier at the venue!!!

We just waited and waited for the que to move fast, but it just kept on going at the snail’s pace, and suddenly there was a rush for the gate, and people forgot the que and all and jumped at the entrance, thankfully it was in the control, otherwise myself and Nids would have been standing outside the ground.

After a small wait, my God was there in flesh and blood and I jumped!!! And after that, we were all lost in the symphony. God sang all my favourite songs, and the way he played his guitar was mind-boggling. It was worth every single penny.

I tried to click photographs, but it was all vague as the communicator has only single zoom, and I recorde…

Surviving without Television !!!

It has been almost 3 months since I have been living without the Idiot- box. The fact is that when I shifted to my new house, the cable connection was not there and since then I could not get it done….

In this age, it would seem so strange that anybody can live without the television and the crap which it shows, we all get addicted to it, but somehow am not missing it. It gives me so much free time to do the things which I thought were impossible, coz, there was no free time from the Idiot-box.

Now since, I don’t watch TV, I can read all the 3 newspapers thoroughly(even the editorial page), I can read the books which I like, I listen to my favourite music and I can spend some time with myself alone( the most difficult time for an executive in these hard pressed time and pressure cooker situation). And yes, I clean my house, keep it tidy, wash utensils, and all this is possible only because I don’t watch TV now –a-days.

Now in fact, I cant recollect even the names of all the channels. I…

"Kaj-ra-re"- The song and its interpretaion by a Salesman !!!

“Kaj-ra-re” from the movie “Bunty aur Babli” has become a pseudo national anthem in past few months, and like all of us, I am also bugged by that song.

Being a Salesman, my interpretation of this song is going to be in terms of a Salesman only, so here it is, I don’t know how you will like that, but then………..You know what I will say !!!!

So these are the thoughts that come to the mind of a Salesman when he is listening to this song, or when some certain things happen to him, that’s how he relates to them to this song…

1.) When the boss is staring at him for obvious reasons-: “Mera chai-wain sab ujdaa, jaalim najar hata ley……”

2.) When there is infiltration from the other territory and that’s eating into his sale-: “Barbaad ho rahey hain tere apne shehar waaley………”

3.) When the boss asks for the target, area-wise, salesman-wise, model-wise, sku-wise-: “Surmey se likhey tere vaadey, aankho ki jabani aate hain……..”

4.) When there is acute shortage of a sku and there is huge demand …

The reserve football platoon !!!

Football is still the game which is close to my heart, and I am sorry but I dont identify with cricket. Its too much of a slow game, I am sorry if I have offended most of the people of this country, but I dont give a damn!

I loved football and would always and who knows, I raise my last toast to, Manchester United!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game in school and I have written about this earlier also in my blog a couple of times, but enough is not enough, as far as my memories for this game goes, and its not a game. Its religion, its life, its everything!

How often do you find yourself in a time-bound situation of 90 minutes, to deliver on your goal, to fight and crush a tough opponent, to win, to not to lose???Thats the best part of this game, you dont have time, and still, you ought to win, coz it matters more than life and death.....

Well, in my school days, as I mentioned earlier, we played, within our class, leftists v/s rightist. Though I loved the game so much, but I was not a very …

Haunting eyes !!!

Just have a look at the eyes of the child in the photograph, since the moment I have seen this snap, it has been etched in my memory and have not been able to forget that, and I dont think that I would be ever able to do that........
Whenever I look at this snap, theres a slight pain which starts throbbing in my heart, I dont know, the feelings cant be expressed in words, as I am writing these words, and looking at the baby, something is still churning inside me.

Saathi haath badhana !!!


Shatranj ke khilaadi !!!