Yes, its the same me ! ! !

Well, the truth is, it’s a back-breaking schedule now-a-days.
Rush to work in the morning, spend the entire day trying to improve the numbers, get back home, and then begin the task of improving your home.

A few months back, for me it was an alien practice, trying to keep my home clean and tidy. I used to loathe to broom and sweep it even on Sundays, and now, as soon as I get back to home, however much am tired, I make up the practice to tidy up the place and then to broom it. And as far as sweeping is concerned, that’s every alternate days, again after coming back to home!!!

Suddenly, that’s a transformation in me. I could never imagine that, after returning back from work, late in the night, I will daily clean my home, but yes, that’s the way it is now-a-days…..

But yes, it always gives me pleasure seeing the place all tidy up and clean and I feel like coming back to it and spending my time there.

And believe it or not, even the utensils are not left un-attended, more than a day, so even the kitchen is not filthy, strange na??? Earlier, my ass would rise to shake up the utensils only when the fungus used to raise its head on them, after 3 or 4 days………I cant believe the transformation….

So am getting my acts together, trying to be more disciplined in my life, and doing the things, which seems so normal to everybody, but had been highly ab-normal to me, only a couple of months back.

At least I am getting my basics together, finally………


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