The truth behind the winning of a reality show!!!

There are some obvious advantages of being in an industry in which you are closely associated with an integral part of daily life of every individual.

And the industry is telecom. If you are in a big metro like Bombay, and have old friends of the industry, you get to know certain information which sometimes surprises you and sometimes its shocking!!!

Nowadays, the so called game shows, and the reality shows have made the people hooked to them during the so called “prime hours”, gluing to their tv sets, just waiting for their contestants to win….

But whats the truth behind the win??? Do they really win ethically???


A couple of days back, I just went to meet one of the prominent telecom retailer in Andheri –West, who is also a very good friend of mine also, on a personal level.

He is an old fox of market and you get a lot of info about the industry from that guy, and usually whenever we meet, I spent at least an hour at his outlet over a couple of cups of tea. So we were just discussing the usual business environment and a guy came over asking for a couple of hundred sim-cards of a particular operator. It was just surprising for me that, what a single guy would do of 200 sim-card, so I just enquired from him the reason….

That lad told that one of her close friend is participating in the “Indian Idol” reality show and as a support to her they want to send smses on the mentioned number in the show , so that she remains one of the favourites…..

I was surprised…. Shocked… and bewildered….thats the way it goes…..

The deal was struck, the guy promised to came in an hour time to collect the sim-card.
I enquired further and that retailer friend of mine told me that recently, one of the most popular dance shows, in which popular TV couples used to participate, for a hefty prize money, had the same story.

The winning couple, is rumoured, bought more than thousand sim-cards of a particular operator, to send smses, in their favour, for the audience poll.

Why so many sim-cards, you will ask???

Operators block the sim-card and the mobile number if you send sms on a game show poll number, more than 200 times. So you buy one sim-card, if you have to send 200 smses in your favour, and in multiple thereof….

That couple won the show, was very appreciated in the media for their dancing prowess, but believe me all the audience smses sent in their favour were not by genuine audience. Apparently, the couple themselves sent smses in favour of theirs….

So that’s how they win…….And that’s how the game shows and reality shows, and the audience poll goes….

That’s the truth behind winning a reality show…….



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