Then and now, the difference in celebration of Republic Day ! ! !

Today, on Republic Day, as I was moving to the office(since its month-end), little kids in their school uniforms were coming back from their school with the miniature national flag, pinned to their uniforms, and it was a delight to see them….

In a flash-back , my memories travel past into the days when I was myself in the school, and the day was celebrated with pomp. Till standard eighth, I used to be a mute spectator when the seniors will march down in front of the “Princi”, but in ninth and tenth, I had the opportunity to take part in the march-past, as I was in NCC(National Cadets Corp) then.
Ready in starched and crisp uniform, it was hell lot of pride involved in saluting the national flag in uniform, at least I always used to look at the flag while saluting, rather than the “Princi”.
First of all, Flag is of utmost importance and second, I had a love-hate kind of relationship with the “Princi”, even though I was the captain of my class, and had too many encounters with him during the course(about which I will write sometime later).

All those years in school, the best part of the Republic Day was the “laddoos”, which used to be distributed by “Princi”. The only time in my school life, when I used to be eager to see the face of that mongrel.!!!!

As the times have changed and am out of school, the day is still dear to me and the sanctity of the occasion has not lost the importance, for that matter, like any of my countrymen.
So today, I decided to play the part of “Princi”. I bought chocolates for my entire team and the support staff to distribute in the morning, to celebrate the Republic Day.
Anyways, chocolates are better option than “laddoos”, and if I had a choice during my school days, I would have opted for the former also, but then “Princi” had its way, all those years, all the same “laddoos”, all the time.

So while earlier, it was a pleasure in receiving the sweets, today, it was a pleasure in distributing them!!!
Guess, from now onwards the trend would be like this only, and that’s the way, its gonna be celebrated……

Happy Republic day to all my countrymen and long- live the motherland!!!


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