Now its double century!!!

So this is my double century of blogs, it has not been very long though, of me being involved with this phenomena called, Blogging.
As it is seen, its just a bit more than 7 months, and the blogs that I have written or published has been on an average of 1 per day. Guess, its fair rate….

Now it has become my favourite hobby, after reading ie, and it’s a hobby, which I can show also to others…..

But it all started not as a hobby, but rather something, which helps me jotting down at a single place, all that has happened in my life, and all that’s happening…..

Sometime back I wrote one more reason of mine for getting this blog written and published, and it also holds true.

So what after 200, may be next milestone is 500, but guess, every century will be celebrated, like today, I will celebrate the double century!!


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