Akbar, You have made me proud !!!

I am very happy and proud of myself today. The reason, one of my protege, Akbar has got a better job and stepped one stone further on the ladder of success in life.

I am very happy because he is my protege and I coached him, threatened him,abused him, hugged him, congratulated him and above all always kept him close to my heart, when he was one of "My men".

Today when he starts working for a big company in an enhanced profile at a better package, after him and his family, I must be the happiest person on planet earth, coz if he succeeded, I have also succeeded, and also my leadership style.

Any leader would be happy if one of his men succeeds in life and so am I. But there is a difference when you have a well groomed man to lead than a rookie, and I am happy as finally one of my rookie has earned the stripes.

Akbar was one of the men who worked in my team in my previous assignment, in the distributor's sales team.
I dont remember as whether I took his interview, but I remember my first intearctions with him. He would always get cornered very often.

There was always a zeal and spark in him, which would get subdued by the lack of confidence and the "killer instinct". And I guess that was my only contribution to him, rest is all his hard work.

I still remember the day in March last year, when I pressurised him so much for numbers that he broke down, and then his tears forced me to write down one of the worst 5 pages sms, ever written in corporate history, by a junior to his supervisors.

I cant see my men suffering for no fault of theirs. I knew he was putting his best foot forward, and I was doing my best, but then things were not happening, so I lost my cool and he cracked.

Immediately that day,after reaching home I apologised to him via sms, and still to this day, that day hurts me.

But guess Akbar,All of this made a better man and a much better sales-person out of you. In all my "Gyaan sessions", I always told you Akbar that all my actions are meant to facilitate my men grow in life and not to humiliate.

I guess this day, you will finally accept this as a truth and not merely a talk.

As now you grow up, I am still there and would help you in all possible means, after all you are "My man" and always be....

You have made me proud, and this is one of my biggest achievements so far. Thanks for making me a success...

All the best Akbar....



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