Sunday is what everybody looks forward to, right from Monday!
Same is the case with me, thats the day when you do so many things which you cant do on a weekday because of obvious reasons, but theres one ritual due to which Sunday is more important for me....

And thats, washing my weekly quota of clothes! Yes, thats true!
Right from my college days, the sunday was reserved for washing the whole quota of the weekly clothes, and even after almost 10 years, the sunday has hardly changed for me, as far as this ritual is concerned.

When I was at home, during my school days, apart from my undies, I never touched any piece of cotton. And all of a sudden when I came to hostel, apart from grappling with tough questions of Applied Mech and Strenght of Mat(Some of them still go over my head,never thought that a bending of beam would be so analytical!), had to accept this bitter reality of washing my own clothes, myself ie).

While there were laundry around, where many of my friends used to get their clothes around, I always lived during my college days on a hand to mouth basis, which never had the room to accomodate the allowance of washing clothes. So there it all began.

After college in my first job, I used to spend a lot of my days staying in hotel, and it was a bliss, as you could easly get your clothes done there and it was all part of the lodging expenses! So for two years, I never again had to worry about my clothes, it always came clean, neatly packed.

Since during those two years, travelling was not a problem as I had a vehicle, would pack all my dirty clothes, whenever going out and would get them laundried at the hotel. As it is lifestyle during those days was such that, clothes could get cleaned only in the hotels where I lived, as I almost practically lived out of the suitcase and my Sumo.

After coming to Bombay(I still prefer the old name), its a dual fight. You fight to get the time to wash your clothes and yes, it should coincide with the BMC water supply timings. Great juggling skills!!! Which living in Bombay can only teach you.

And though the rest of the world has moved the machine way, I still prefer the old fashioned, hand wash. In Bombay, even though you can afford to have so many things in your life, affording the space to keep it is the biggest problem and the same thing for me. If I do buy a Washing Machine, it will take up a lot of space of my kitchen(as it is very less).

So again after washing fourteen shirts and t-shirts and five trousers (The good thing about Jeans is that, dirtier they are, more hip they look, and nylon track pants, you never wash them, isnt it?), I feel like, I am the King of the world!

While another bunch of clothes wait to get being washed, I guess, they will have to wait till next Sunday, as far as today is concerned, the lucky ones are hanging in my balcony and smiling on their luck!


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