That day, we took an oath, that if somehow anybody, is caught individually, he will not take the name of any other person invloved in the mission, no matter what the odds! And if it happens that matter comes to terminating the year or expulsion(which was very well a possibility as more than 100 students walked to their far away homes), All of us would come forward and I as the captain would take the moral responsibility for the act.
They cant expel more than 10 good students in their class 10th, when they knew that they were to the fault.

I still remember, I could not eat or sleep that night, just wandering into the thoughts of what happens the next morning in the assembly.

The next day, we all came to school early than our stipulated time and discussed the events. Abhishek S told us that some students have recognised him and we knew that worst is gonna come during the assembly. If I say that I was trembling, I wont be ashamed. Though I was captain, I knew that my whole future could be ruined and my parents will throw me out of the house, iif they come to know!

After the prayer, Pawar Sir came on the mike and narrated what happened yesterday, which has never happened ever in the school history(Apparently many parents complained to the Principal and even came to meet him that day). Then the dreaded news that somebody has identified the miscreants, the hearts of all of us sank, we knew that its gonna be S. But what if he breaks down, after all his career was also on the stake.

In front of the entire assembly he was called and made to stand in front of the everyone,all of us were on the verge of breaking down, and as a captain, I knew I would be called, so I was apprehensive.

Later when we got back to the classroom, S was questioned by everyone in the Principal's office and he took it all on himself and dint utter a single word regarding any of us, even though he was not even the part of the assault team, he was just a watchman, that was the "Sicilian code of honour" to which all of us agreed and S lived to that.

He was ultimately punished to stand in front of the Principal's room for the whole day and expelled for three days, When we walked in front of the room of Princi, we cant even meet the eyes of S, we were all ashamed. He made the supreme sacrifice for all of us, and here we were spared.
And that day, as a captain, it was my moral responsibility to take the blame and the flak both, but I was weak, as any 14 year old. But since that day, as a true leader, I resolved to always stand by men, and I guess those people who have worked with me in last 6 years, would swear to that.

S took the flak and we all were spared of the rod. To this day, I feel ashamed of the dispaly of the lack of guts by me, but I promised my self, never again in my life.


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