This is a record breaking sunday. By the time of publishing of my blog, you can very well gauge that. I guess, after my school days, this must be one of the sundays when I am up so early and also went for my morning jog!

I still cant believe myself, getting so motivated to jog and run. So as I am sitting in my balcony and sipping coffee, I am still cooling my heels(literally).Well actually the thing with Sunday, I mean not getting ujp early are two fold. The first you want to rest after a hectic week and sleeping till noon seems like bliss and second, even after you wake up there is not too much to do, so killing time can become a serious exercise, sometime.

Now getting up so early today, I am still wondering what to do, May be would again clean up my home, would make coffee again. Cant go shopping, as already spent enough money yesterday buying the artefacts, enough for this month. It has been hell lot of shopping. Cant go for movie also, as getting ticket is impossible.

Yes, would curl up with lot many things to eat and drink with Mr. Clinton's book, I am getting slow with it. And fortunately, I dont have to wash clothes this sunday, enough stacked up for next week, and a couple of new pair for emergency,though I have to get them altered, well thats one more work for today.

Guess, the newspaper would have come by now, time for another big cup of coffee ! ! !


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