While one Don is so much in news these days,this author is also not to be left behind, when one fine day, this author himself became a Don, though momentarily. So this blog is dedicated to "Don Abhishek".

Quite a few months back, myself and Josh were returning to our house after an official party in the Taxi.

It was late night and we were quite tired, so decided to take the cab from Parel. Though we knew the way around, the cab driver thought otherwise, and took the way which was the longer one.

We were not in a mood to fight and turned a blind eye, but that guy was in a full mood to rob from us a decent amount of money, and continued his wayward ways. We were tired and desperately wanted to crash into bed, and slowly the driver's antics started coming to my head, still I was quite.

I told the guy to stop at Andheri flyover, and may be he thought that we have forgotten and continued driving and went ahead. Now, I lost my cool and asked him to immediately halt sideways.

I asked Josh to keep quite and come out of the cab. Without seeing his meter I took out a 100 rupee note and handed him, Though by meter it must have been about 300, as my friend drove us almost through half of bombay.

The driver started complaining and I, in a very serious voice told him, "Tu 100 rupye lega, ya maar khaayega". Translated in english that means, you want to accept this 100 bucks or want us to beat you!

Josh could not believe his ears but kept quite. My voice was so stern that the driver finally took the money and left.

We got another cab and reached home. I dont know how I said that, but I was pissed off by that driver.

Josh still tells this story to everyone, the night when Abhishek became the Don!


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