Mr. ENGINEER ! ! !

In my life, I have been branded both an Engineer as well as a Doctor by people. Its strange because, I am an Engineer by education though but a Sales Manager by profession, so by a long shot its ok for somebody to address me as an Engineer, but a Doctor?? (I feel proud to call my self a salesman, thats what I tell my team, that I will be always a salesman).

Since neither I am an Engineer or a Doctor by profession, being branded as both of them at some point of my career, is a bit of surprise and here is how the story goes....

During my Engineering studies days, I used to live on less than a shoe-string budget, since my father being a humble government servant, I never asked to him for more than what was bare necessity and cut down on any luxury which student thought of during those days(Like watching movies,having a decent dinner etc).

I always had this fetish for books and it always took a better part of mt monthly allowances and I had to restrict a lot myself on my expenditures (I made up for that now, when I see that I spend every single penny and enjoy, just remembering those days).

So just to supplement my monthly expenditure, I decided to take a part time job of a Auto-Mechanic in a garage, which used to repair trucks and buses. My boss decided to pay me a handsome salary of Rs.600, for a back-breaking work which often extended upto late into early morning.

So, I would come from college, would grab some bite and have a cuppa of tea, would take the spare set of clothes to change and would rush on my bike to work!

So all my buddying Engineer friends were worrying about the job after finishing up the study, I already had one. Though the salary was not too handsome but it was 50% of my monthly allowance and at that point it could not have been better.

So all the truck and bus owners which were regular at the garage, after seeing me there after a couple of months, started calling me "Engineer Sahab". They cant believe that a would be Engineer can work in a dingy garage while studying, and seeing me doing the routine errands they would rub their eyes often.

So thats how I got branded as "Mr.Engineer" in my life, in some other blog, I would describe about me being told as "Mr.Doctor" !


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