That day hundreds of my school mates went home walking with their bikes, as the number of the valve-tubes we took out could not be compensated by the near by shops.
Some stayed as far as 10 to 15 kilometeres, and had to walk all the way, for no fault of theirs.
Many of them were girls and their parent must have spent some very anxious moments waiting for them.

And today, I apologise to all of them from the bottom of my heart to what my action caused. As a captain I take moral responsibility and ask the forgiveness from all of them!

Though it was betterment for all of us, as the very next day a guard was placed at the cycle stand by the authorities and from then on , none of us had to really worried about our bikes.
It needed a drastic action like this to make these fat skinned guys move, we dint had any option. So if any of my schoolmate who suffered that day, is reading this blog today, Please forgive me. My men are not to be blamed, its only me.

But I hope that since that day, bikes of all of us were safe from mischief. So we dint do that for fun or mischief, we wanted to shake those guys.
But I apologise on behalf of Class XthA to all of you.......


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