Sounds crazy na? But thats what happened in 1991 in Jabalpur, at KV GCF No.1.
I was in Class 10th and it wasour board exams that year, something which every child dreads and we were not different than anybody else. Though I was decent in studies and did not use to worry much about that.

My father after too much coaxing, bought me a a bicycle 1991, and it was a dream come true for me. It was a BSA Street Cat, the hottest two wheels in town(non-motorized) and I was one of the first few owners of that. I got a dynamo powered light and a milo-meter fitted on that as accessories. Though life will change and I will acquire many more things in life, but that bike will always remain my favourite, coz it was the first.

At first, I dint take it school, very well knowing that it would be molested there, with a fair chance that it might even get raped! But as Ajay also got its Street Cat and started bringing it to school, I was also tempted to do that.

We had one cycle stand in the school and it always hadmore bicycles than it could handle, and more so, its fencing was tampered and there was no guard, so anybody could go over there while its quite and do mischief.

After a couple of days, I started noticing scratched marks on the mud-cover, one day it was on the ground, one day the back-light was missing and then the hammer on my heart, the reflectors were missing! My heart sank and I was crazy, crazy with anger.

It was time to take revenge, somebody fiddled with my beloved and it was all because the school administration could not afford a guard over there. Almost similar things happened with Kaushik and Ajay, who also had Street Cat, and sometime or other everybody's bike has been tampered with. So it was time to act and attack, and attack like, it hurts!

Surprisingly, I was the class captain at that time and was supposed to control all such activities, rather than indulge in that. But water was above the neck level and it was time to do something, something drastic!

So that day in the luch period, we had the strategy session and made our plan, Kaushik, Ajay, Uttam, Abhishek S, Pankaj, and few more "rightist" (as I have written in one of my blogs). The plan was made, Abhishek S(There were three Abhishek's in my class, including me) would stand near the entrance of cycle stand to watch, Arvind would stand near the Principal's home, again to watch and the skipper, thats me, would lead the assault.The task was to remove the valve-tubes of as many bicycles as possibles.

Now let me explain to you the geography of the cycle stand, to the right of entrance was the Principal's residence, followed by other teachers, to the left was the indoor stadium and sports offices, in the front were classes. So we had to do a job, knowing that anybody could sneak on us, any moment and our lives could be screwed up, as we were in standard 10th.

So it was nothing less than the "Fidayeen Attack", we knew of the consequences and still wanted to do. We had one thing in common to the "Fidayeen", the motivation.
And I assured everybody that if we are caught red-handed together, I would take it as my personal responsibility. And if we are caught alone, we would follow the "Sicilian code of honour" !

Arvind and Abhishek were to blow whistles at the sound of danger and it was our only way to escape......we made a plan to vanish in the bushes behind....and to run as far as possible!

Well, we sneaked into the stand and started our job swiftly and it was crazy, withing 15 mins or so, we removed valve-tubes of more than 150 bicycles and that day, all of them would have to walk home with their bicycles, as all the bicycles repairing shop dont have more than 10 valve-tubes in spair with, with valves.

There was a whistle from Abhishek and we stopped and returned to the bushes, following our plan.
The assault was successful and all of us were on a high. We came out after the 9th period to expect what we knew would be happening, many of our schoolmates were walking home with deflated tyres, and there were scores of them.

We were happy and it was something which could not be explained. We got our revenge, we met and discussed. Abhishek S told us that something almost caught him, we were apprehensive for the next day, but we pulled it off!

We were none less than the "1st Para Commandos" at that time, we sneaked into the enemy territory and attacked successfully and escaped. It was a night of so much apprehension that it would be difficult to forget...........


Anonymous said…
Its nice to read such a blog. Really enjoyed it. I can picturise. I am KV GCF No.1 98 passout. Got that feeling of association.

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