Yesterday as I was returning from home, saw a very beautifully decorated reception of a wedding and somehow my thoughts drifted to an incident which happened during my college days.

I had my share of fun and adventures during my college days and some of these activities were the only way to de-stress oneself in that jungle.

During the festive season, we always had this golden opportunity to have some good dinner, free. And it was by gate-crashing the weddings which were held.

Sometime while just roaming around, or while coming back from college, we would recee for the best decoration around for wedding(See, like everybody else, we also went by the packaging).

After finishing up the studies, we would don our best clothes and enter the wedding. Vishal was the biggest compatriot of mine in these activities, and would usually come ot donning a blazer with well polished shoes, sometimes could have passed as the groom himself!!!

We would quitely accept the greeting, and march forward toward the buffet table. We will have our plate full, come in a corner, and have our food and will leave, before anybody questions anything.

Usually we looked smart in our attire and lot many people will glance at us as in a small place you dont find too many handsome guys(he he he), that thing always made us nervous, but then, We have not heard so far that any Engineer got beaten in a wedding reception.

We were always sure that at least people will forgive us once just beacuse we were Engineers, already harassed by the mess and hotel food. So we continued taking our chances, once we took Parag and once even Sudhakar.

But essentially only 2 of us were the culprits. Once, Vishal who had a big "sweet tooth", inspite of my warning not to go to the buffet table for the sweet dish, went there. One old fine gentleman, being impressed by Vishal's mannerism and attire, finally started him questioning,may be thinking him as a suitable groom.

I thought the interview would be over soon and may be thats what Vishal thought, but slowly he started getting nervous and so was myself. I left my food, held my stomach, and went to him and said that I am again having stomach pains, being an Engineer, he was intelligent enough, dropped his dish, and told me that he will immediately take me to the doctor uncle.

The old gentleman tried stopping us, and even offered a ride, but we ran for our limbs.

From that day, though we continued gate-crashing at the weddings, but we never set out sights on the sweets.

Sweets have a tendency to make you a diabetic, you put on weight and sometime you may even get beaten!

But yes, those were the days, and it was fun.


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