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That day hundreds of my school mates went home walking with their bikes, as the number of the valve-tubes we took out could not be compensated by the near by shops.
Some stayed as far as 10 to 15 kilometeres, and had to walk all the way, for no fault of theirs.
Many of them were girls and their parent must have spent some very anxious moments waiting for them.

And today, I apologise to all of them from the bottom of my heart to what my action caused. As a captain I take moral responsibility and ask the forgiveness from all of them!

Though it was betterment for all of us, as the very next day a guard was placed at the cycle stand by the authorities and from then on , none of us had to really worried about our bikes.
It needed a drastic action like this to make these fat skinned guys move, we dint had any option. So if any of my schoolmate who suffered that day, is reading this blog today, Please forgive me. My men are not to be blamed, its only me.

But I hope that since that day, bikes of al…


That day, we took an oath, that if somehow anybody, is caught individually, he will not take the name of any other person invloved in the mission, no matter what the odds! And if it happens that matter comes to terminating the year or expulsion(which was very well a possibility as more than 100 students walked to their far away homes), All of us would come forward and I as the captain would take the moral responsibility for the act.
They cant expel more than 10 good students in their class 10th, when they knew that they were to the fault.

I still remember, I could not eat or sleep that night, just wandering into the thoughts of what happens the next morning in the assembly.

The next day, we all came to school early than our stipulated time and discussed the events. Abhishek S told us that some students have recognised him and we knew that worst is gonna come during the assembly. If I say that I was trembling, I wont be ashamed. Though I was captain, I knew that my whole future could be r…


Sounds crazy na? But thats what happened in 1991 in Jabalpur, at KV GCF No.1.
I was in Class 10th and it wasour board exams that year, something which every child dreads and we were not different than anybody else. Though I was decent in studies and did not use to worry much about that.

My father after too much coaxing, bought me a a bicycle 1991, and it was a dream come true for me. It was a BSA Street Cat, the hottest two wheels in town(non-motorized) and I was one of the first few owners of that. I got a dynamo powered light and a milo-meter fitted on that as accessories. Though life will change and I will acquire many more things in life, but that bike will always remain my favourite, coz it was the first.

At first, I dint take it school, very well knowing that it would be molested there, with a fair chance that it might even get raped! But as Ajay also got its Street Cat and started bringing it to school, I was also tempted to do that.

We had one cycle stand in the school and it alw…


This is a record breaking sunday. By the time of publishing of my blog, you can very well gauge that. I guess, after my school days, this must be one of the sundays when I am up so early and also went for my morning jog!

I still cant believe myself, getting so motivated to jog and run. So as I am sitting in my balcony and sipping coffee, I am still cooling my heels(literally).Well actually the thing with Sunday, I mean not getting ujp early are two fold. The first you want to rest after a hectic week and sleeping till noon seems like bliss and second, even after you wake up there is not too much to do, so killing time can become a serious exercise, sometime.

Now getting up so early today, I am still wondering what to do, May be would again clean up my home, would make coffee again. Cant go shopping, as already spent enough money yesterday buying the artefacts, enough for this month. It has been hell lot of shopping. Cant go for movie also, as getting ticket is impossible.

Yes, would curl…

Mr. ENGINEER ! ! !

In my life, I have been branded both an Engineer as well as a Doctor by people. Its strange because, I am an Engineer by education though but a Sales Manager by profession, so by a long shot its ok for somebody to address me as an Engineer, but a Doctor?? (I feel proud to call my self a salesman, thats what I tell my team, that I will be always a salesman).

Since neither I am an Engineer or a Doctor by profession, being branded as both of them at some point of my career, is a bit of surprise and here is how the story goes....

During my Engineering studies days, I used to live on less than a shoe-string budget, since my father being a humble government servant, I never asked to him for more than what was bare necessity and cut down on any luxury which student thought of during those days(Like watching movies,having a decent dinner etc).

I always had this fetish for books and it always took a better part of mt monthly allowances and I had to restrict a lot myself on my expenditures (I made…


Yes, thats one of my post retirement plan. And since now I am not employed by the government sector, my retirement plans are also not bound by the fact that I have to work till I attain an age of 60, I can retire at 40 also, its all in my hands.

You will read a lot about my post retirement plans(for the fact, till I retire), but the topmost thing on my mind is to run a creche for children.

Children, they make all your worries, sadness, anxiety, fear(of life) vanish and thats why I want to run a creche. When you are surrounded by children, you start living their lives, their way, and thats what makes your life easy, amazing na?

Just imagine, starting your day with lots of children, some of them crying, some yelling, some fighting,some pullong your hair, some tagging along your way, and some just loosening their weight on you(you guessed it right), wont it be enthralling than just to start one more rat race in this "Dog eat dog" corporate world?

As of now, I dont know whether I wi…


Sunday is what everybody looks forward to, right from Monday!
Same is the case with me, thats the day when you do so many things which you cant do on a weekday because of obvious reasons, but theres one ritual due to which Sunday is more important for me....

And thats, washing my weekly quota of clothes! Yes, thats true!
Right from my college days, the sunday was reserved for washing the whole quota of the weekly clothes, and even after almost 10 years, the sunday has hardly changed for me, as far as this ritual is concerned.

When I was at home, during my school days, apart from my undies, I never touched any piece of cotton. And all of a sudden when I came to hostel, apart from grappling with tough questions of Applied Mech and Strenght of Mat(Some of them still go over my head,never thought that a bending of beam would be so analytical!), had to accept this bitter reality of washing my own clothes, myself ie).

While there were laundry around, where many of my friends used to get their cl…

MILES TO GO. . . .

So I have started running! I had been trying for so long to do that, but whenever my communicator would start beeping at 6 am, I would shut it off to sleep another hour, which would compare with orgasmic pleasure after returning home late from work, and also knowing that today is again going to be a long day.

But running for me was always a way to release pent up emotions rather than anything. Sometimes you just want to run, and run to God knows where. And now since I have started it, it feels so enthralling. You want to continue and continue, You wish you could not stop, you get addicted to it.

Stopping is a sin, but then you have to. Now the morning seems so different, when you wake up when still the birds are chirping(crows too), you find birds or crows, depend on your luck, I need not say about mine!

But yes, I am lucky apart from the crows, you get to see some beautiful faces, and who knows, you might get some more lucky?

So I tug up my bluetooth headset and my N9500 communicator and…


My father was a Defence Scientist(now retired) and being in Jabalpur, which has a huge cantonment, and three big defence factories, I was besotted with the fact of being an Army man, right from being my childhood days.

Sometimes, my Dad will bring some documents home, and I would just flip through the pages, even though at the age of 7 or 8 I cant understand an iota of that, but I was mad.

Those were the days of Cold War and I was in Class third. Right from the beginning my father used to subscribe to newspapers and magazines, which cultivated the habit of reading in me. And during those times, there were lot many articles about nuclear holocaust, specially in Frontline.
By any standards, I was the best informed guy in the whole class(due to my reading), and would always love to spread the gospel around(any 8 year old would do that).

So one day, when it was free period and all my friends gathered around me(I was topper of the class, so geting them listen to me was not tough), I started r…

Hum aur Tum I


Hum aur Tum II


Hum aur Tum III



While one Don is so much in news these days,this author is also not to be left behind, when one fine day, this author himself became a Don, though momentarily. So this blog is dedicated to "Don Abhishek".

Quite a few months back, myself and Josh were returning to our house after an official party in the Taxi.

It was late night and we were quite tired, so decided to take the cab from Parel. Though we knew the way around, the cab driver thought otherwise, and took the way which was the longer one.

We were not in a mood to fight and turned a blind eye, but that guy was in a full mood to rob from us a decent amount of money, and continued his wayward ways. We were tired and desperately wanted to crash into bed, and slowly the driver's antics started coming to my head, still I was quite.

I told the guy to stop at Andheri flyover, and may be he thought that we have forgotten and continued driving and went ahead. Now, I lost my cool and asked him to immediately halt sideways.

I aske…


Well, thats the advice I would give to everybody, who is on the verge of accepting an offer or is going for an interview...

Well, I am not bald nor an accute patient of aloepecia(I hope thats correct), but my hairline started reducing in the previous job majorly.

No need to go in for the causes, most of them are very obvious.

One day myself and my previous BOSS were coming back along with our distributor from a meeting and the conversation, like usual of a salesman, came to targets and pressure.

My boss, who was a sort of veteran in that industry, being 3 yrs there, fished out his credit card, which was about 3 years old showed his photo on that.

Nobody could believe that this was the same guy, after comparing the hairline of present and the photo's.

Then my boss said that, you are lucky still to have so much hair still left after almost an year and half!

I told mt ex-boss then, If you would have by any chance shown your photo credit card or an old photo at the time of the interview, I w…


Yesterday as I was returning from home, saw a very beautifully decorated reception of a wedding and somehow my thoughts drifted to an incident which happened during my college days.

I had my share of fun and adventures during my college days and some of these activities were the only way to de-stress oneself in that jungle.

During the festive season, we always had this golden opportunity to have some good dinner, free. And it was by gate-crashing the weddings which were held.

Sometime while just roaming around, or while coming back from college, we would recee for the best decoration around for wedding(See, like everybody else, we also went by the packaging).

After finishing up the studies, we would don our best clothes and enter the wedding. Vishal was the biggest compatriot of mine in these activities, and would usually come ot donning a blazer with well polished shoes, sometimes could have passed as the groom himself!!!

We would quitely accept the greeting, and march forward toward the …

The Bean bag revolution! ! !

Well, this has been an impulse buy more than a planned one. Though in my sub-conscious always wanted to have one....

So on saturday, when I was browsing through a furniture shop on last saturday, a gentleman came and asked for the bean bag, and suddenly I was aroused(he he he) at the thought of acquiring one (I love to use the this word, being a businessman, and I guess almost all the things in life, you acquire only, and seldom buy, isnt it?).

So I bought the bean bag, and I bought a side glass table and I bought a showcase. I dont linger when I go for shopping, it has to be quick and swift, and I guess, I made the mind to buy all these 3 stuff in less than 10 minutes. I guess this habit comes from my sales management background, where you need to make decisions quickly.

So now my house(Yes, my house) looks much better, rather the drawing room, sometimes I need to rub my eyes, and infact most of the people do, who have seen my earlier dens....

So, now after coming back from work, I slump…

I have been"Googalised" finally ! ! !

So finally after a wait of 5 months, finally my blog is "Googalised". So once you type "Abhishek Rai" in the search window, it displays along with the other results my blog "http//".

Earlier there used to be only one other Abhishek Rai, who is a scholar in US, and at least 10 times more learned than me(may be more also), whose blog used to get displayed,when you would type my name in the search window and then there would be all the search results about my famous "Name brother", AB's baby.

So finally, my blog is also listed in the webworld, after 5 months, more than 2200 page visits, and some 168 blogs published.

But am happy..............

STOP IT ! ! !

Stop it!

Thats what the boss said on 30th Nov evening, when we all were gunning for numbers. The numbers were through apparently and the dictate came to stop. Save for the next month.....

I still cant remember, how things have changed in a couple of months.In this new job, achieving the target in the first month was a big fight, a very big fight for me, for some obvious reasons, but still I did it....

In October, by 22nd I knew that I will do my numbers, so it was such a relaxed month-end, that none of us felt that its going to be month-end. Happened first time in my career.

And this month, while we are going gung-ho for number, the last day of the month, a call comes, and asks us to stop. This again has happened for the first time in my career. Apparently,the targets given to us was with a buffer, and all this while we gunned for that elusive number, without knowing the truth.

But things have changed so drastically in last couple of months, the business have grown pheneomanally, and its …