One Monday, among the 52s

A monday in the 52 ones! Well, I swear it has been a first Monday, like this, this year. And boy, you need to come and see me, whether I wasjumping with joy or not!

The thing is, My boss called me on 24th morning, the routine mroning call, when we discuss the sales plan, and ohoy, what he said"Great Job"!!

And I was floored, thanks boss, I said.

On 23rd Oct, Sunday, my sales were highest in the entire region, as my opearations were running, while others were closed.

I guess, Boss was surprised by the figure, and it was crucial to have our Sales Plan going smoothly for the month, so he sent a sms on the sunday evening, with the same two magic words, which are music to any salesperson's ears, "Great Job".

Well, no better way for a salesman to begin a day, rather a crucial week, before month-end, other than hearing those two magic words and getting charged up, to kick some ass, as I always say.....

But then, not every day is Monday, and this Monday was definitely one of the 52 ones, when you are more lucky than..........guess.....


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