In a city of 18 million, I too have a place to live,My World

So I shifted to my new abode on sunday. In a city, where space is the only constraint(Which you dont get even after shelling money), rest any thing in the world will be available on hard cash, I finally have my own space...

Its a small 1BHK flat, with a small balcony, overlooking the road passing through and 2 big windows. Fresh with a new coat of paint and marbled flooring.

Since past 3 years in Mumbai, I have been living in shared accomodation, justto have company and also, its a bit cheaper on your pockets!

But guess now, wanted to have my own space, which can be my own world, which I can make according to my wishes, and now finally have one.

Though its a rented one, but what the heck, I alone will pay the rent and I alone have paid the deposit,so its mine!

Well, not too much of stuff in that room, except two old cup-boards left by the landlady, plan to build the things slowly by the end of the week, so may be by the next tuesday, it would be a home, rather than a bachelor accod.

Already bought an electric kettle, socan make tea and coffee at any hour of the day. Got sets of glasses and dinner sets, so if somebody comes home, they can have dinner in plates at least!!!

Would keep on posting, how I am building "My World"!!!


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