The common language we all speak-Football

Thers a good ad coming nowadays of "Emirates" airlines, and it says, "We all speak one language...Football".

The ad is very senty and reminds me of my old days in school, when playing football during the lunch breaks was a religion, may be more than that.

In the school we had three columns of seats in which all the students were seated, in all my 10 years of schooling(Things were different in +2), I was seated in the leftmost column from the entrance and it was the column where all the studious boys used to seat(I was not studious but not bad either), and in the right most column used to seat all the "Happy go lucky" guys and in the middle the fairer sex.

The rivalry was limited only to the football pitch, as in the classroom, there was no rivalry, it was one sided battle, always won by the "Leftists".

So the rivalry was fought on the football pitch, which was called"Bada Ground", as among all the grounds in our school, it was the biggest(KV No.1 GCF had 4).

Nothing changed in the 10 years, most lunch breaks were spent in fighting for the battle of supremacy of the "Ball", and it was Football!, The common language we speak.

White starched clothes in the morning would get solied by the evening and then we would get prepared to get a sound thrashing from Mom, sometimes the clothes would end getting torn, if we had a bad fall, and then hell would break loose.......But we never stopped, "Speaking the common language".

Even the intense competition among the "Leftists" was nowhere to be seen on the pitch, when we used to fight as a team from the "Rightist". I would envy "Bheekhu" and "tiddi" for them completed 2 more chapters of Maths and Science then me, but on the field, we used to fight like "Brothers in Arms" and as soon as the match is off, the competition begins again.

After coming back to home, I would see that I do more exercises from "Manmeet Singh" than the rest of all, so it continued......

Most of the times in our class xth, we bunked up the Hindi class, as it was the next period after game and would continue speaking the "Common language" and next day, myself and Ajay specially would be standing up in the class with Vikram and some other rightists, but it was fun.......

Sometime, would right more on the topic, but yes, though we dont have the time to speak the common language, but yes, the whispering continues......


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