Freedom to interpret my religion.

What is the use of religion, if it does not allow the freedome to it's followers to interpret the meaning presented in ancient texts through their own reasoning.

Most of the religions are silos, may be even prisons, where there are guardians ensuring that no one wanders around the walls of the prison. And these walls are the dogmas and theories described centuries ago, if not millenium by people long extinct.

Most of these ancient texts in every religion are guiding books of "How to live your life", it is amazing that there is so much of wisdom is available everywhere around us, but still there is so much of mayhem.

The biggest reason for the same is that, people soon get disgruntled over what is written and what is being taught, because above all there are no questions allowed.

It is like, take it and take it. In fact there is no option to leave it also. Being born into a religion, it is highly improbable that one switches to another religion, without causing utmost bittern…

Toothpaste.Coffee: Challenge Number One

Challenge: Combine toothpaste and coffee in a unique way.

Response: The issue with brushing the teeth is, it is considered a drudgery. There has been thousands of variety toothpastes created in order to drive people to brush teeth, at least once a day.
How about one more different variety of toothpaste?
A toothpaste, with which when teeth is brushed, over a period of time within the same brushing session, it releases slow doses of caffiene. More you brush, more the caffiene releases. So, if someone gulps the toothpaste or just eats it, there is no effect.

This would motivate people to brush their teeth for a longer duration, and gingerly.

After they finish their brushing ritual, they are not really craving for a cup of coffee badly and can slowly (again) make themselves a real nice cup of coffee, insteas of hurying like always.

What do we call it?

"Gingerly", because it makes your morning rituals gingerly.

Is this the reason behind movement of Mr.Jayant Sinha from Finance to Civil Aviation ministry?

The movement of highly accomplished Mr.Jayant Sinha from Ministry of Finance to Ministry of Civil Aviation has baffled everyone, including the author.

There was no reason provided for the movement, let any valid one. Probably this is too much too ask for in a democracy where moving the ministers is the prerogative of the PM and probably his cronies.

So what happened with Mr.Jayant Sinha? Why was he moved?

If you are inquisitive, with a bit of legwork, dot can be connected, between two events.
a) Denial of the second term to Mr.Raghuram Rajan and b) Movement of Mr.Jayant Sinha to Ministry of Civil Aviation.

But what could be the link between the two?

Please read this excerpt from the Page 7 of a speech delivered by Mr.Raghuram Rajan in 2008.

The speech is titled "Is there a threat of Oligarchy in India?"
To quote Mr.Rajan: "To see where, let me digress a little. My former classmate from IIT, Jayant Sinha, recently sent me a spreadsheet he had compiled. It lists the number …

Kolkata Bridge Collapse - Who approved the design?

There has been several images of the Kolkata Bridge collapse, to be specific the name of the bridge is Vivekananda Bridge and the portion of it which collapsed was near the Ganesh Talkies.There has been one interview of a nearby resident on a news channel, which I watched online some where, it was horrific to see that the bridge running almost over the balcony of the house of the resident.The new flyovers which have come across in last decade or so, run very near to the existing houses in almost all places, but this is like holy grail of "how to build a flyover close to a house".I just can't even imagine the trauma of the resident, first the construction activity and then seeing the flyover so close to your house, that you can even touch it?Who approved such atrocious design and why?The builder definitely cannot explain the blame, but can the municipal corporation of Kolkata escape the blame?How it would have been, if a few engineers and officials of the municipal corpor…

Jeete Hain Chal...

The dots connect and eventually, it leads to some or other kind of discovery ultimately.

Usually the discovery is regarding self, rather self-realisation. It could be also about something, which you never knew and somehow the universe conspires you to discover that.

With a string of events, the discovery unfolds...

A few days back, I briefly watched the trailer of the movie "Neerja". And in that short trailer, the song "Jeete Hain Chal" was playing in the background. There was thins thing in the song, which immediately hooked me on to it. {Its playing right now, on loop}

Deprived of a working internet connection, I decided to check the song, once I am back to civilisation.

While returning back to my abode, in the flight, I saw the air-hostess wearing a badge on their arms, proclaiming "I am Neerja". Suddenly I was reminded of my resolve to check the song, and the first thing in the morning I did was to complete the resolve.

The beginning of the song is so calm …

Have you ever seen a Politician driving a 40 year old vehicle?

The blog post can be downloaded here

Canvas, yeah !!!

When I was in school, Saturdays were special, because on Saturday, we could wear the white canvas shoes, as the uniform was white.

The entire feeling was liberating to say the least.

There was a spring in the feet, it was almost like you are walking on thin air.

It was like one's feet has been un-shackled after a long time.

If it would have been allowed, I would have been sprinting all across the day, in the new found freedom.

There were days, when just for the sake of change and to experience that liberating freedom, I used to wear the white canvas shoes, with the navy blue uniform of Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School), but then those were very easy to spot, along with the combination and there would come punishment in its myriad form.

But it was kind of cool, it was a good trade-off, once-in-a-while, to wear the white canvas shoes against the punishment.

If the punishments did not go harsher, I would have wore canvas shoes, every single day of my life.

Needless to say, I used …